Steel Marshal

Steel Marshal

Enjoy commanding your troops to raid where you want them to raid

A multiplayer world war II strategy experience that lets you take the reigns of your empire and dominate your enemies.

Steel Marshal by Playhit games studio is a semi-realistic world war two multiplayer explore and conquer game designed for your Android OS smartphone or tablet. Start with a small base, then build out. As you expand, grow.

Build new buildings and research new technologies in order to expand your influence and dominate the opponents you meet in the game. Create an army to cater to your play style. Units available include tanks, stationary guns, rocket launchers and more, the variety is diverse.

Upgrades for all your units are available, allowing you to build and then improve different units, creating the best army that you can. Defend your base from would be aggressors and then take to the offensive with no holds bar combat to emerge the victor.

The game is largely player versus player with many different ways to win. Although you can dominate through strength and military might, you can also expand via democracy and trade, expanding with a vibrant political or economic style of conquest.

At some point you will need to gather an army, and when you do, you can utilize many different tactics from real world war II battles. The blitz, long-distance strikes and hit and run style tactics. All of this coupled with deep unit design and upgrade paths mean limitless tactical options in this deep strategic game.

Take control of a World War II power, gas up your tanks and carve out your corner of a world at war. Make alliances, trade resources, build an impenetrable base and an unbeatable army. The choice on how to play is yours, and the road to victory won't come easily. Deep thought and careful planning are the keys to success and the whole world is against you in Steel Marshal.

Steel Marshal


Steel Marshal

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